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Highest Grade And Quality

We install the highest grade and quality solar panels, inverters and mounting kits.

Reputable Solar Brands

All our products are sourced from reputable solar brands from Germany, Canada, China and South Korea.

Product Warranty

All Our Products are high-efficiency solar modules with a 25-year linear product warranty and have local Australian technical support.

Australian Owned and Operated

We are an Australian owned and operated business with 15 years of experience in solar and renewable energy.

Our Solar Panels

Jinko Solar (1)

How We Work

  • Contribute proactively to a clean energy future for Australia by demonstrating sustainable practices
  • Demonstrate commitment to best practice and continual improvement of the industry including participation in voluntary guidelines and accreditations
  • Conduct business in accordance with the laws and regulations of the jurisdictions in which I/we operate
  • Compete fairly in the markets in which I/we operate
  • Work safely and apply industry best practice to the health, safety and wellbeing of employees, clients, consumers, suppliers and communities
  • Aim to bring long-term benefits to the industry, rather than short-term advantage for individuals
  • Co-operate with and support the Clean Energy Council to achieve its objectives
  • Show respect for the diverse range of people and cultures with whom I/we work and for their human rights
  • Not be involved in corrupt or unlawful practices, bribery, discrimination or similar improper behaviourrefrain from making representations (media, government, other) on behalf of the Clean Energy Council
  • Act ethically and with integrity, decency and respect for the community, consumers and the environment
  • Perform and comply with any variation or amendments to the Code of Conduct made at any time by the Clean Energy Council.

Our Inverters

Copy of Jinko Solar (4)

Our Certification

Clean Energy Council Member

Clean Energy Council Member

Approved Solar Retailers are companies who have shown their commitment to responsible sales and marketing activities, and industry best practice for the sale of solar systems.It is a voluntary program which is authorised by the ACCC, and gives consumers confidence that these retailers will supply quality products, comply with consumer protection laws and back the operation of their systems well into the future.

Clean Energy Council Accredited Installer

Clean Energy Council Accredited Installer

Clean Energy Council accredited installers are certified and trained to ensure your system meets industry best practice standards and all relevant Australian Standards.

Clean Energy Council Accredited Designer

Clean Energy Council Accredited Designer

Clean Energy Council accredited installers and designers in interpreting the relevant Australian Standards when installing and designing solar and battery storage systems to the highest standard.